Who Is She

My Experience

I bring all of me to you through both my multiple qualifications and experiences .

My awareness of energy has always been with me .

At 5 As a child you would find me in nature with a feeling or mixing flower remedies under the trees .

At 15 I moved  into a denial of all things womaney.

At 25 I got a brain virus  and popped an awakening

This is where the Universe stepped in for me ..

She spoke to me … Be your Purpose, Be on Purpose , Share your Energy

This opened the doors to remembering

This opened the door to healing the Divine Feminine in Me.

It opens an ongoing jouney of soul learnings and energy mastery



My professional experience was rooted early in education and teaching but really the creative entrapeneur has always been in me.

It where it started for me .my parents inspired me .i managed a team of 22 seasonal workers in buzzing family business selling cakes and coffee to the masses for most of my 20s . I learned how to run a business and to bring out the leader in me .

From here I popped my own first enterprise A new age healing and Health shop and from here I grew She !

The Healing Centre followed alongside a deep journey of learning and self discovery.

30 years on and I am still learning new things .

Last year in 2022 I began to invest in Coaching and in this I retrained again in Coaching .

This has brought it all together in all my modalities.

As you can see I am multi modality .

I open my medicine bag and choose what fits for you .

I hold space for you to tap into the healing in you .

You feel supported as you find Wholeness in You.

Below is a list of my experience and my qualifications and modalities .

Have a look

Who is She ?

I bring all of me to my experience working in my area of Holistic healing balance and wellness.
I am who I am through the experiences that shape me.
With over 30years working in holistic healing & nutritional education I have gathered bag loads of qualifications, listed below.

My years in healthfood retail as well as all things Woo Woo have stacked much wisdom & knowledge for me.
I have gathered much life experience along the years being stepping into WOMAN and being a women ,a teacher, a daughter, a wife, a mother a healer .
I work with so many women along the way in spaces of healing, nourishing and transforming.
There has been spirit growth from Trauma
There has been rebirth from grief
There has been wellness from Illness
There is wisdom in shared space
There is Freedom in HEALING
There is Equilibrium in BALANCE
There is Joy in LIFE
I have learned and grown on my own path to bring the brightest version of me forward ,
to live fully in my experience as I share my freedom with you

I gathering my Qualifications alongside my Wisdom and Experience working for 25years in the field of Holistic Wellness.

Work Experience

Teaching Food and Nutrition

Health Food Retail

Holistic Therapy

Women’s Retreats

And mix it with my many formal Qualifications to bring All of Me when I work with you


(Hons) UU H.E Food and Nutrition


Dip Nutritional Counselling

Dip Phytotherapy

Dip Anatomy and Physiology

Dip Holistic Therapy


University of Ulster Foundation in Psychology

Fetac Train the Trainer Adult Facilitator

Fetac Food Hygiene Trainer

BACH flower remedies

QUEST nutrient Advisor

Cert in Emotional Freedom Technique


Tera Mai REIKI Master and Teacher

Celtic Shamanic Practice

Mindfullness for Stress Management

Transpersonal Healing for Women

Creative Body Work

Divine Feminine Activation

Nature Medicine

I look forward to bringing the best of me to my work with you and sharing LIFE BALANCE


Email sineadmcguirecoaching@gmail.com to book a space to talk.