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One To One

Welcome Her Home is my One to One Transformation Program for Women who Desire to find Fullfillment and Vitality in their Being by learning to Embody a better Relationship with Themselves and their Self Worth .
It calls you in if
? You feel you have lost your Connection to yourself and your Purpose
? You feel Life is passing you by and you are slipping into Survival Mode
? You have lost your Desire for Life and your connection the the Beauty that makes You You
? You are stuck in Overdrive to the needs of others and forgetting Yourself
? You feel Stuck in Loss and Desire to Move Forward
? You know you are ment for more and Desire to Thrive
? You feel in a place of low Self Worth and Desire to reclaim your Confidence
? You know This is Your Time to Celebrate Life more Purposely .
I have put together this  One to One Program to Offer you a Sacred Space for Transformation .
☘️ You Get me as Your Mentor throughout
☘️ We Get Clear on Your Intensions and I hold Space to guide you Home to Yourself and the Outcomes you Desire
☘️ You Recieve Transformational Healing Sessions combined with Powercoaching to Pop you through
☘️ You are held in a Support Space throughout the Process with Weekly Connection Sessions and me as a Coach in Your Pocket aka Earth Angel empowering you  in-between .
☘️ This is a Space where you feel Supported Fully in your Transformation with me Cheerleading for You
Welcome HER Home is a Gift to the Mighty Woman in You . It’s Time for You to Step into your Worth and Embody your Life in a way that’s fullfilling for You .
Welcome HER Home is a Gift to the Beauty that makes you You
Welcome HER Home is a Gift of Peace Power and Purpose for You .
9Week Supported One To One Transformation for Women to Embody a Better Relationship with their Confidence , Vitality and Self Worth
It Includes
? 1 Nourishing Session
This is where we get clear on your desired outcomes and we set clear Intensions for our 9 week Journey .
This is where I set up a plan for you and your Transformation which includes your Vitality and Wellbeing for the duration .
? 4 One to One 90 minute Power Coaching and Energetic Healing Sessions
? Weekly Mentoring and Empowerment Support Space set up for You
?  Support when you need it with a Voicemail support set up for You
? Free Entry to my Monthly Group Soul Space Retreat on Zoom
? A Follow Up to Power up the New You
In this Program You can find
You get to make Peace with Yourself and your Life as I hold Space for you to let Go of Old Loss and Disconnection to Self so You can come Home to Yourself and Celebrate your Life Fully
You can embody a Reconnection to your Centre and Find Balance in your Life . You let go of limiting beliefs and unworthiness and you Step into a place of personal Power where you make better choices that match your needs too . You show up with more Confidence in life
You begin to feel Worthy of Wholeness and Living a life that taps into a place of Joy and Freedom .
You begin to Show up for You and Celebrate your Life in a way that nourishes you .
This is my Passion
I Empower Women
My Purpose is to hold Space for Transformation for You to Celebrate Life fully too .
If this Calls You
If This nudges You
We can Pop on a Free 20 minute Clarity Call to Talk it Through ..
If this Shouts to You  ..I am Waiting to Hold Space for You .

Book the free call with me, message me on WhatsApp  0034 658 404900

or Email to book a space to talk.

Or… if you know this is your time, Dive right in .. Invest in yourself right now.

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